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For nonprofits and Indian NGOs like Trust, Society, and Foundations to know about 12a, 80g, 35ac, FCRA, tax exemptions, NGO fundraising, funding agencies and International NGO grants. – Just an information portal.

All Indian NGOs shall access this portal for free information and knowledge of nonprofit resources. This is open source including International nonprofit NGOs. If you find any mistakes or corrections, please inform us through the contact page. We will make it perfect. When you notify a complaint to us, it will be useful for the NGO community. Your feedback to improve this site may lead us to add new topics to support Indian Non-Governmental Organizations and nonprofit organizations.

Do not write to us regarding any type of donation or funds. For this you have to visit the NGO Profiles section [Yet to Start] where you can post your organization profile which is 100% free to access. When you post your profile there, you will be connected with the public, where you shall find donors, sponsors, and volunteers for your NGO Projects.

You shall also find the NGO fundraising section, NGO funding agencies, and NGO donations link in our NGO Meet Discussion Centre. You shall write your organization information through our NGO meet forum. This may lead you to get focused on the public to know about your achievements, needs, vision and mission. If they like to donate, let them contact you. All steps and needs to establish, maintain, and manage a non-governmental organization will be displayed with the motivation for the development of Indian NGOs. We are not entertaining any mediation or consultation services.

Though the NGO sector is a great ocean to deal with Philanthropy, the majority of NGOs need support to uplift their organization and their community involvement through various sources which include social media communication.

Due to time factors and financial factors, this portal will be upgraded slowly but with perfection. In addition, we will try to show other best-working nonprofit organizations as a list in NGO Profiles. You can also add your nonprofit website, NGO Video links, and NGO Projects with our portal. It may give innovative ideas for the new organization to build up the global community.

When we consider the registration procedures, applying guidelines for certificates like 12a, 80g, 35ac, FCRA, accounting activities and other tax-related matters, please use this portal as a help-only site. For a detailed implementation or establishment, you should consult with your Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and your organization members.

This is only an information portal which is created with good motivation to help and share with human society. We believe that this portal will be useful for all Indian NGOs like society, trusts, foundations, etc., This portal is created with the nonprofit motivation to do something for humankind. We do not collect any type of money or charges from users of this portal.