Indian NGO in Social, Environmental and Economic Development.

Indian NGO – Non-Governmental organizations – and nonprofits plays a major role in Social, Environmental and Economic development of India.

Indian NGO plays a major role in the development of Children, Disabled, Education, Elderly, Employment, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Women, and Youth sectors with the help of Indian Government social welfare schemes and other organizational resources. There are several causes and social sectors which are adopted by the Indian NGO. The NGO community has different shapes like Trust, Society, and Foundation who are working for various social causes. Some of them are as follows.

In Child development non-governmental organization

Nonprofit organizations work for Child health, Child abuse, Child physical abuse, Child sexual abuse, Child labor, and several other children issues like Shelter, Education, Health, Day Care Centers, Child Rehabilitation, Child Rights, Child Abuse, Child Adoption, street children issues, and Child Prostitution.

In Educational sector Indian NGO

Several NGOs are working in the areas of Primary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education, Non-Formal Education, Adult Education, Computer Education, Skill Development & Vocational Education, Technical Education, Traditional Education, Rural Education, and Education for Minorities by serving the needs and causes.

For Women’s Welfare, Indian NGO

They undertake several social services like Gender Discrimination, Legal Awareness and Property Rights, Political Awareness and Participation, Prostitution, Reproductive and health issues of women, Right to Good Health and Nutrition, Savings and Micro Credit, Violence against women, Women Empowerment, Women’s education, training and skill development.

To Support and help Disability and disabled people, Indian NGOs

They are working for the issues of Specific Disability like Cerebral palsy, Mental, Physical, locomotor, Autism, Speech, Hearing, Visual, and multiple disabilities by providing capacity building services like Livelihood, Training, Education, Rural awareness Advocacy and Indigenous Technologies. In the vision to support Old Age, Indian NGOs are working to provide shelter, free food, dignity in life and death and to enjoy the rights in Old age.

For Poverty relief and poverty issues, Indian NGOs

Nonprofits are working with income generation projects to improve the economic status of the poor by working for Artisan Issue, Livelihood Issues, Fair Trade, Credit, Micro Credit, Self Help Groups and skill training programs.

In Health issues and concepts, Indian NGOs

Nonprofit organizations are working towards relief, treatment, preventive health care development of Primary Health, Immunization, Health Education, Health and Hygiene, Nutrition, Reproductive Health, Integrated Health Care Services, Drug Abuse, HIV AIDS, Cancer, T.B., Leprosy, Mental Health, Bio Medical Research, Alternative and Indigenous Medicine.

For Rural development and rural issues management, Indian NGO

Best organizations are working with the project of Integrated Rural Development, Small Scale Industries, Agriculture, Land Issues, Migrant Issues, Tribal Issues, Cooperatives, Watershed Development, Drought Proofing, and Innovative Technologies. Indian NGOs are also working with best projects for Integrated Slum development to resolve the slum issues like Health Hygiene, Sanitation, Non-Formal Education, and providing social services with Training and Skill Development, Computer Education, Micro- Credit, Advocacy and Awareness.

In Advocacy area, Indian NGO

They are working with the projects to create Awareness, Protection of Consumer interest, Crime & Safety, Human Rights, Labour, Peace, Security and Communal Harmony, Population, Justice and Law, Right to Information, Culture, Social Welfare, and Social Entrepreneurship.

Towards Environmental development, Indian NGO

NGOs are working for Biodiversity, Energy, Climate Change, Environment Education, Waste, Forests, Pollution, Air pollution, Water pollution, Noise pollution, Sustainable Development, Animals, Research and Advocacy. Indian NGO is also undertaking projects of Disaster Management like natural disasters like cyclone, Earthquake, and Flood. These above are the notified social causes which are supported by the nonprofits and NGO (non-governmental organizations).