Types Of NGO & NPO: Charitable, Service Oriented, Trust, Society.

Types of NGO & NPO: Charitable oriented NGOs, Service Oriented, Participatory Oriented, Empowerment NGOs, Communal based NGO, City Wide NGO, Nation wide NGO, and International NGO.

There are various types of NGO ( non-governmental organizations) and NPO ( non-profit organization ) which shall be classified by orientation, Co-operation and Structure. The NGO and NPO organizational setup have alternative names like independent sector, volunteer sector, civil society, grassroots organizations, transnational social movement organizations, private voluntary organizations, self-help organizations and non-state actors. All types of NGOs and NPOs are operating for causes like social, economic, environmental, human rights and other valuable reasons. Now let us see the types.

NGO types by orientation:

1. Charitable oriented NGOs,
2. Service Oriented NGOs,
3. Participatory Oriented NGOs,
4. Empowerment-Oriented NGOs.

NGO types by Co-operation levels:

1. Communal based NGOs,
2. City Wide NGOs,
3. Nationwide NGOs,
4. International NGOs.

NGO Structural types in India:

1. Trust
2. Society
3. Nonprofit Companies. ( Charitable Foundations including private & public)

The structure of the NGOs and NPOs in India vary by its nature and bye-laws which represents the objects of the organization. Bye-law or memorandum will be created during the establishment of the above structural types of NGOs. The structural types of NGOs vary by the body of the organization like a minimum number of members, maximum number of members, filing of accounts, operation of organization, area of operation, nature of an organization like revocable or non-revocable and several other structural elements.

To form a legal entity or to register NGO, The difference between NGO like Trust, Society and Nonprofit is Explained here.